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Kristen Brown is a Bestselling Author, Business & Book Strategist, Speaker, Widow Mom and founder of Happy Hour Effect LLC. She helps organizations, entrepreneurs and writers use their best assets to spin stress into success.

She does this in two ways:

1. For OrganizationsAn organization’s best asset is their employees. Kristen helps organizations train those employees to manage stress, priorities and goals to increase productivity, innovation and profit.

2. For Entrepreneurs, Experts & WritersAn entrepreneur’s best asset is their story. Kristen helps entrepreneurs, writers and experts stop stressing over their business success by helping them build an influential and profitable brand platform and book development plan using their story and what they already know.

Using her Happy Hour Effect philosophy, her memorable & motivating message is like happy hour without the hangover! Why? Because during happy hour we’re at our best – relaxed, creative, open-minded, connected to others and energized. When we relax, we turn into creative geniuses and the ideas flow.

Her personal story as a widow mom, entrepreneur and corporate America veteran who has survived setbacks and failure to create her own success makes her relateable, engaging and real. She’s a refreshing and uplifting personality and coach who sets the room on fire with her energy and expertise. (But don’t ask for a hug – you’ll know why after you hear her!)

Kristen helps audiences create Happy Hour Moments throughout the day by providing actionable ways to make meaningful changes that will lead to personal fulfillment and professional growth. She encourages new ways of thinking by asking idea-stimulating questions, sharing thought-provoking exercises like her proven Life Mapping process and providing life-changing tips. She adds humor by weaving in stories from her own life about surf camp, appearing on national TV, parenting bloopers, ghosts, business failures, wine over-service, juggling it all and many more.

Kristen will help your audience embrace the Happy Hour Effect with low-stress, high-success ideas for professional & personal GROWTH that will directly impact the bottom line by boosting productivity, creativity and profits!

Kristen Brown HeadshotMost Popular Programs:

The Happy Hour Effect: Super Secrets to Spin Stress Into Success
 The Entrepreneur Promise: 10 Key Commitments for Business Success
The Happy Team Challenge: Crucial Secrets to a Productive and Profitable Culture
The Leadership Promise: 10 Core Elements to Build Trust & Teamwork
 Bankroll Your Book: Creating an Author Brand That Engages Audiences and Sells Books
 Happy Hour Effect for Direct Sales: Stress Less for Selling Success (Click here for more)






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